Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday night patrollin'

One of the most fun things I do at work in the summer is go to Sheetz after work with my Igloo friends (I know, I lead an unbelievably exciting life). So, that's exactly what we did this past Thursday. Two of them worked earlier in the day & I was working 4-close. They showed up around 10 & we all carpooled to our favorite Sheetz of the 5 in our town (I know, Chambersburg is sort of pathetic).

After spending about 2 hours at Sheetz, during which my one friend J.1 had to be that customer (becuase J.2's pub burger was ROCK hard), we headed back to The 'loo parking lot to get our cars. (Usually we don't have bad experiences with Sheetz food because it is Sheetz & it's the most awesome gas station food ever... Wawa's got nothing on Sheetz).

Earlier on our drive to Sheetz we saw about 3 police cars (& it's like a 5 min. drive). We saw about 2 more cars pulled over on the way back. This was really strange. Cops all over the place!! About 16 seconds after pulling into the parking lot at work, a cop car pulled in. GREAAATTT. We all have this weird fear of the police. We have no reason to be, it's just a little scary that they carry guns, those weird sticks for beating people, bright flashlights, etc. So both doors of the police car proceed to open while we stare half blinded into the frickin' high beams (Was it really necessary to open BOTH doors? Are we that much of a threat, a couple 19 & 20 year olds? NO).

The one cop asks, "What are you all up to?"
"We work here and, oh, we just went to Sheetz for some food and decided to carpool," says J.2 (the one we decided should do most of the talking).
"You work HERE & decided to go to Sheetz?!"
"Well, yes. They are open later than we are," I said. I wasn't having any of this man's annoying humor.
"Oh, I see... well, we just wanted to make sure you weren't going to break in."
"Alright. Bye," J.2 said.

If only they would've been there earlier when we WITHOUT FORCE "broke into" The Igloo (I forgot my iPod & one of the signs wasn't flipped to "Closed"). One of us has a key! HAHAHAHAHA. Joke is on you policeman.

Also, did he really think I'd rob a place & proceed to speed away in my truck?! That wouldn't go so well... HAHA.

Well, what do you know. Time for me to get ready for work. Wonder what tonight will hold... always interesting at The 'loo.