Thursday, April 15, 2010

Custard versus Ice Cream

A lot of people have a common misconception about “ice cream.” From my experiences at work, it seems like some people think that just because ice cream is soft it is automatically frozen custard and NOT ice cream. At The Igloo this is not true.

According to my boss, what we serve is “soft, hand-dipped ice cream.” This means we make our ice cream, it comes out of the machine soft and falls into a bin. We then hand-dip the ice cream. It is not soft-serve, it is not custard. It’s just soft ice cream.

While trying to find some information about the differences between frozen custard and ice cream I ran across a type of machine used to make frozen custard, which looks similar to what The Igloo has.

However, I still think it is a little different. Our machines are stainless steel churns from the 1950s (the original ones used when The Igloo opened). From what I’ve gathered, the way our machines push out the frozen product is very similiar to how these older custard machines operated. The very important difference is that the mix we use does not contain any eggs. It is strictly ice cream mix.

For more about ice cream history!

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