Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yes, grapenut ice cream. It is a real flavor and it is delicious. It is pretty much my favorite flavor. Grapenut ice cream is made by folding grapenut cereal into vanilla ice cream. I’m not sure if everyone who makes this kind of ice cream does it this way, but we soak the cereal in a litle bit of the ice cream mix. This softens the cereal so that it isn’t too crunchy.

I think grapenut cereal is yummy, but it is pretty different from grapenut ice cream. When eaten as just a cereal it’s obvious that it’s healthier for you, because it’s not nearly as sweet as its ice cream cousin.

Fairly often I have customers who tell me that The Igloo grapenut ice cream is the best grapenut they’ve had. I thank them each time, because it is something in which I have a little self pride. I make that grapenut ice cream; it’s a compliment that customers come back again and again just for that delicious grapenut ice cream.

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